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There are four constitutional amendments on every ballot across Louisiana during this election cycle but one of them has Moon Griffon fired up! It's Amendment #2, which proponents of the measure say is tax reform the state needs to be competitive with other states.
"For far too long, we have demanded tax reform in Louisiana," says Daniel Erspamer, CEO of The Pelican Institute. Amendment 2 begins the process of reform by simplifying our complex tax code that has driven our citizens and businesses to Texas. This simplification and reduction of income tax rates will encourage businesses to choose Louisiana for their future, bringing jobs and opportunities to our state. If we want to write Louisiana's comeback story, supporting Amendment 2 is the place to start."
When it comes to proponents for Amendment 2, there is none more vocal than Erspamer. Listeners to the Moon Griffon Show know his name well, as he has debated the issue with Moon multiple times. Moon also mentions his name when speaking against Amendment 2.
By the way, in all of my time working with Moon, I've never heard him speak more highly of a political opponent than Erspamer. Except for this issue, both men usually see eye-to-eye on many state issues.
When you go into the voting booth on Saturday, November 13th, this is what will be written on your ballot, according to the Secretary of State's Sample Ballot:
Do you support an amendment to lower the maximum allowable rate of individual income tax and to authorize the legislature to provide by law for a deduction for federal income taxes paid? (Amends Article VII, Section 4(A))
Par Louisiana also does a fantastic job breaking down constitutional amendments any time they appear on the ballot.
In a nutshell, he is not a fan.
"Most times – not all – I think that constitutional amendments being put to the voters is because our lawmakers don't have the guts to vote on that issue itself," says Griffon. "I know that sometimes you have to address the issue with a constitutional amendment but many times these are issues that could be solved by the legislators we elect to represent us."
There are a couple of reasons why Griffon is against Constitutional Amendment #2.
It's a saying that Griffon hates to hear. Going back to Erspamer's statement "supporting Amendment 2 is the place to start," goes right in line with that idea that Griffon is opposed to, not because he doesn't believe first steps are necessary but because "lawmakers almost never take that next step that is supposed to help the people of Louisiana," says Griffon.
In past debates with Erspamer on this issue, he has told him while he has faith in Erspamers' intentions he isn't optimistic that lawmakers will continue on with Erspamers' vision.
"I am what they refer to as an outlier," says Griffon. "I pay property taxes. I'm buying my home. I'm a small business guy. I also give a lot to charity. Most people – if they make any kind of money – give to charity."
Why does all of this matter? Because, according to Moon and his CPA that he has visited with about this, he and many others who itemize will pay more in taxes if this amendment passes.
I don't like how we pit some people against a few people in this state, especially to pass something. I think that's wrong! If we are not all going to win, then let's not pass it. I'm tired of paying taxes. They will have to take it from me.
Polls open at 7 a.m. for SATURDAY elections and close at 8 p.m. All voters in line at 8 p.m. have the right to vote.


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