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After another devastating earthquake and the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, many Haitian refugees are seeking asylum in the United States. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake last month left thousands dead amongst an already fragile country still recovering from damage done by an earthquake 10 years ago.
More than 14,500 migrants, the vast majority of them Hatian, are staying in poor conditions under a bridge by the Texas, Mexico border, with state and federal authorities trying to mobilize to move them as soon as possible. Many are being relocated and others have been put on deportation flights back to Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.
In the camp, there is limited access to food and water, while trash piles expand to 10 feet wide. Haitian immigrants have limited options, face the risk of deportation to the country that they left or return to Mexico. Some refugees have told reporters that they are afraid to return to Haiti.
Those scenes and viral videos have left many voicing concern for what people are calling “inhumane” expulsion of Haitian immigrants. Even causing Ambassador Daniel Foote, a Special Envoy for Haiti, to resign after only two months in the position.
While international law protects the right to seek asylum, the U.S. is still enforcing Title 41, which allows for rapid expulsions without the opportunity to seek asylum. 
Here are some organizations and aid efforts people can contribute to in order to help Haitian refugees.
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UNICEF USA: UNICEF is working to provide children and families with basic assistance. In Ciudad Acuña, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, they will facilitate access to child protection services and will deliver drinking water, hygiene kits, mobile toilets and handwashing stations and are taking donations.
Houston Haitians United: Founded in 2015, HHU is dedicated to uplifting the local Haitan community in Texas. They have set up transitional centers for Haiti refugees in Houston and are asking for volunteers to help with registration, organization and feeding refugees.
You can learn more on how to register as a volunteer here.
Guybert Ovide International Fund for Higher Education: GOIFHE, INC is a nonprofit that is sending care packages to refugees that you can donate too. They support and raise money for schools, hospitals, groups and clubs in Haiti.
Global Giving: Global Giving is a nonprofit that connects donors and companies. Here your donations will be vetted and used to provide emergency relief, water, food, medicine and shelter for those still in Haiti. 
GoFundMe: The popular donation website has set up a page dedicated to Haiti Relief. You can donate directly on the site where you’ll GoFundMeYou.
World Central Kitchen: After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, World Central Kitchen has helped relief efforts to get fresh meals to people in need. The organization is supporting affected cities & towns in the south. They are currently serving families 2 hot meals each day and you can help by donating.
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Food for the Poor: Food for the Poor is an international relief and development organization in the U.S taking donations to help Haitian refugees. They are on the ground in Haiti working with other partners to answer urgent requests for aid.
Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians who help people dealing with disasters in over 40 countries. They have 70 team members at work helping refugees from the earthquake that occurred last month. They are providing food, clean water and shelter. People can also donate to the organization to help with aid.
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