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August 25, 2022 by
Today on A Public Affair, host Allen Ruff checks in on recent international news, focused on breaking political and environmental stories from Mexico and Haiti. His guest is journalist Maria Abi-Habib, bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for the New York Times.
They discuss several of Abi-Habib’s recent reports, including the Mexican government’s admission of responsibility for the disappearance of Mexican students eight years ago, how the US lax gun laws contribute to the flow of weapons across the border to Mexico, the impact of the drought sweeping large parts of Mexico in addition to the US Southwest, and the escalation of violence in Haiti as the government struggles to curtail gang violence.
Throughout the show are themes of corruption and the role of democracy – and why we here in the United States should be paying attention.
About the guest: Maria Abi-Habib is the bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for the New York Times. Previously, she was based in New Delhi and covered South Asia from 2018-2020, and before that, was a roving Middle East correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. You can follow her on Twitter at @Abihabib, and read her recent reporting here.
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