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UNICEF: 300,000+ children in Haiti still have no school buildings to attend

More than 1,000 schools in Haiti ‘s Sud, Grand’Anse and Nippes departments are yet to be rebuilt, six months after the Aug. 14 earthquake, according to UNICEF. An estimated 320,000 children are left to study in environments that are not conducive to learning, the organization said.

“After six months, reconstruction is most definitely underway,” Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Haiti said. “Nevertheless, hundreds of schools are still in ruins. Without schools, many children may abandon their studies.”

The organization said it has requested $97 million through the Humanitarian Appeal for Children to meet the urgent needs of 950,000 people, including 520,000 children, impacted by the earthquake in 2021, climate-related natural disasters, the persistent political and socio-economic crisis, insecurity due to gang violence, forced returns, internal displacements and COVID-19.

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