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The Haitian Times 
By J.O. Haselhoef

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Friday to extend the mandate of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) until July 15, 2023, after several member nations suggested stronger measures such as sending in a force to combat the gangs.
In renewing BINUH, the Security Council’s Resolution 2645 requires an update to be filed in October 2022 on the diplomacy that is to lead to elections. Recognizing that small arms and ammunition used by the Haitian gangs come from other countries, the resolution also called on its own U.N. members to prevent illegal arms trafficking and flow of money to the Caribbean nation.
 “The Security Council is ready to consider taking measures as appropriate to address these challenges.” said Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the alternate United States representative to the U.N., in a session immediately after the July 15 vote. 
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