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Tucker Carlson said democracy in the US was failing under Democrats and that the proof was in Baltimore – a city he said was ‘a little bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic’  which has embraced progressive criminal justice policies yet continues to have one of the highest murder rates in the nation. 
During the opening of his show on Tuesday night, Carlson mocked recent conversations about democracy being in danger and instead said the real danger was when Democrats focus on issues like race and climate change rather than on the safety issues facing cities like Baltimore, which has seen more than 300 homicides a year since 2015. 
Carlson called Baltimore ‘one of the worst places in the western hemisphere,’ and said it was ‘a little bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic’ as the city reported 32 murders so far in 2022.  
‘That’s the deadliest January in Baltimore in nearly 50 years and remember, fifty years ago, Baltimore was almost twice as big as it is now,’ Carlson said, referencing that the city’s populations shrank from nearly 1 million residents in the 1970s to about 580,000 in 2020, according to the U.S. Census.  
‘Half the city is left. So Baltimore is far worse off than it has ever been in its history.’
He added that ‘Baltimore is exactly what happens when you apply Jen Psaki’s ideas to governing. 
‘Baltimore is a city run by people who fervently believe in the equity agenda and consider gender studies a legitimate academic discipline. In Baltimore, pretty much everyone in charge is black, yet it’s a matter of religious faith that the main thing holding the city back is white racism.’
Tucker Carlson said democracy in the US was failing on Tuesday night as he cited the high homicide rates in Baltimore
Baltimore continues to see some of the highest murder rates in the nation as the city continues to report more than 300 homicides every year since 2015
Baltimore broke its annual per capita homicide record after reaching 348 killings in 2019. Homicides have remained high, with the city reporting 337 murders in 2021
Carlson said the high crime rate could be partially attributed to Baltimore’s District Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, 41, who announced last year that she would stop prosecuting people for drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic violations and other low-level offenses.
Mosby has been under fire herself, and in January she was charged with perjury for allegedly lying about financial hardship when she withdrew $81,000 from her 401k under the Cares Act to buy two new holiday homes in Florida.
But critics have hit back at Carlson, saying that he was being racist toward a predominantly back city and comparing it to Haiti.  
One Twitter user named Caroline Orr Bueno wrote, ‘The reason Tucker Carlson (and Trump, etc) keep trashing Baltimore is because it has a large black population. It’s really that simple.’ 
Another Twitter user with the handle name GusstheLawyer agreed and criticized Carlson for ignoring the nation’s racially-charge policies in the past, writing, ‘Baltimore has black people in it so it must be compared to a struggling predominantly Black nation. Fun fact, the causes of trouble in both places are directly tied to racist US policy.’
Jonathan McIntosh, another Twitter user who grew up in Baltimore wrote, ‘Baltimore is also a majority Black city, but I’m sure that’s not at all the exact reason Tucker hates it.’ 
Even David Simon, creator of the hit series ‘The Wire,’ which was based in Baltimore, joined in on bashing Carlson. 
‘Here now at a bar on Aliceanna Street with some friendly neighbors where we are presently sticking pins in a Tucker Carlson doll. Doll seems to like it a bit too much in its nether regions.’ 
Carlson’s comments also echoed those of Donald Trump in 2019, when the former president called Baltimore a ‘rodent infested mess’ where ‘no human being would want to live,’ and that it was ‘worse than Honduras.’ 

Many accused Carlson of racism for focusing his segment on a predominantly black community and likening it to Haiti
Throughout his segment, Carlson also repeatedly took jabs at Joe Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who he said were more preoccupied in the current conflict at the Ukraine-Russian border than on the safety of Americans at home. 
It also comes after Psaki said that those who are worried about ‘soft-on-crime policies’ are living ‘in an alternate universe.’
‘Hey, Jen Psaki, what do you think of Baltimore? How did the city get that way,’ Carlson kept asking throughout the show.
‘You claim to care so deeply about African-Americans. You never stop talking about that. And yet here is one of the biggest Black majority cities in the United States. Tens of thousands of black people who live in Baltimore are in misery because their kids keep getting murdered.’  
Baltimore, often ranked high among the cities with highest homicide rates in the nation, had recorded 337 murders in 2021, the highest since 2019, where police reported 348 murders. 
In January, the city continues to see high violent crime rates as it reported 225 aggravated assaults, 52 shootings, 51 carjackings and 203 robberies. 
The city also reported 248 burglaries and 978 other cases of property crimes in January. 
Baltimore saw more than 1,800 crimes in the first month of 2022
Carlson blamed the high crime rate partially on Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who stopped bringing charges for a string of less serious crimes last year
Mosby said that low-level offenses were ‘discriminately enforced against black and brown people’. Pictured is a file photo of a man being arrested in Baltimore 
‘Who do you blame for Baltimore? Did white men do this to Baltimore? Was it the patriarchy? Was it structural racism that caused all those murders,’ Carlson asked. 
‘Or, could it be that the real problem with Baltimore is something much more obvious? Could it be that progressive policies designed to ‘lift up marginalized communities’ in the end destroyed those communities?’ 
Carlson also blamed high crime rates in the city on schools after the Baltimore City School District spent the last decade pushing to reduce the number of student arrests, which dropped from 971 in 2008 to 18 in 2018, according to Fox 45’s Project Baltimore. 
One whistleblower in the district told Fox 45 that the arrests have not gone down because schools were safer, but because police officers have been told not to arrest students even for crimes like burglary and assault. 
‘I think it’s ludicrous and sad,’ said one of the whistleblowers. ‘You’re not teaching people, our kids, that it’s not okay to burglarize. It’s not okay to have a fight. They should be arrested and processed.’
Carlson mocked the policies in Baltimore and said the city and progressives were the only ones to blame for its issues. 
‘Baltimore is a city run by people who fervently believe in the equity agenda and consider gender studies a legitimate academic discipline. In Baltimore, pretty much everyone in charge is Black, yet it’s a matter of religious faith that the main thing holding the city back is White racism.’ 
Following the segment, Carlson received backlash on social media as people accused him of racism for focusing his piece on race and comparing Baltimore to Haiti.  
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