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WHITSETT, N.C. — The country of Haiti is in chaos after the assassination of their president Jovenel Moise.
Haitian police said a squad of gunmen raided the president’s home Wednesday killing him and wounding his wife.
The attack raising more turmoil and fear in a country already enduring violence and political protests.
Here in the Triad, some folks are scared for their family members’ lives.
Djosen Vilnor and her brother own a Haitian restaurant in Whitsett called King Queen Caribbean Bar and Grille. 
Early Morning, she received a chilling phone call from her cousin about the assassination of Haiti’s president. “My first instinct was to call people back home as soon as I got off the phone with him. I ran to my brother and was like, ‘Did you know they just killed the president?’ He was like, ‘what!'” 
Vilnor said she has many family members living in Haiti. They told her since the assassination things have gotten chaotic.
 “A lady just got shot in the mouth. She was in a taxi and I guess they were shooting around and that lady ended up getting shot in the mouth.”
Her fear is her family also getting caught in the middle of violence. “How about if someone else is watching them and they go and pick up some money just for them to be leaving and they end up getting shot in the streets too?”
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As tough as this is, Vilnor says she’s getting help from people around her. “Friends and neighborhoods from my community have been calling us and making sure we’re ok. My neighbors send me like sweet prayers this morning. They were like ‘we’re praying for you DJ and your family,’ so I have a lot of support.”
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