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The tour recently went viral for a video featuring the tea party added to this year’s experience.
Today’s news cycle often leads us to believe that Haiti is a country only filled with turmoil and civil unrest. And while it can be true for certain parts of the island, chef and entrepreneur Nadege Fleurimond, along with husband and wife duo Hogarth and Guerline Emmanuel of Belle Vue Tours, are showing us otherwise. The trio teamed up in 2018 to offer travelers, Haitian descendants and those wanting to connect with the country, one of the most expertly curated experiences around—the Haiti Uncovered Culinary Tour.
Fleurimond—a successful Brooklyn-based restaurateur and author of the coffee table cookbook, Haiti Uncovered—wanted to not only share the dishes that people fell in love with from her book, on Haitian soil, but she also wanted to marry her love for beautiful events with the island’s stunning backdrops.
“I left Haiti when I was 7-years-old, and I wanted to learn about the food from the perspective of what it looks like traditionally,” Fleurimond says. “As I was traveling back and forth to write the book, people were asking me to take them to the island, but I wasn’t sure how to do that with a large group. Someone connected me with Hogarth and Guerline of Belle Vue, since they had been doing historical tours in Haiti for a long time. What they have, and I don’t is the connection on the ground to operate tours.”
For the chef, she believes that when you talk about Haiti’s history, you must also talk about its culinary impact. Especially being that food is something that unites all cultures and people. She wanted to use gastronomy to get people to learn more about—and ultimately fall in love with—her homeland, Haiti.
“For us, from the historical and cultural component, it’s important for us to show what makes us unique. What Haiti signifies in the world as far as being the first and only Black republic that successfully fought for its independence,” shares Emmanuel. “When it comes to our culture, food is a big part of what ties us together to the different cultures that make up our people.”
The Haiti Uncovered Culinary Tour recently went viral for a video featuring a beautiful tea party that was added to this year’s experience. Fleurimond and the Emmanuels share that the bigger vision is for people to also see how beautiful Haiti is, and that starts with beautiful events set against luxe backdrops like the island’s shorelines.
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“I want the imagery to be beautiful. I want the colors. Through my work in food, I’ve always tried to create an experience around the food. As people of color, we like that. I love the idea of something simple, like having tea, while doing it in a fabulous way,” Fleurimond explains. “I want people to see Haiti in all its glory, beyond just the mission trips that people come for.”
As of now, the 7-day, 6-night tour is only held in January, and no tour is ever the same. Belle Vue Tours puts together an all-inclusive package to make life “fabulous and simple”. Everything from your photoshoots and hotels to entry fees and the individual culinary offerings are all taken care of. And, what makes it even special is the group taps local vendors and businesses to truly ensure it’s the most authentic encounter one can have.
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