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MIAMI – For over two decades, the Haitian Compas Festivalhas created a pathway to bring Haitian pride to the forefront of the world.
As the biggest Haitian Flag Day celebration around the globe, the festival is one of the top 10 largest outdoor musical events in the United States.
world’s largest Haitian Flag Day celebration comes to Mana Wynwood
This feat is met with the utmost appreciation by Noel & Cecibon Productions, who have been the leading promoters for Haitian music in Miami for over 25 years.
On Saturday, May 18, 2019 at Mana Wynwood  318 NW 23rd Street, Miami, Fl 33127, the tradition continues as top Haitian artists showcase their talent and put the Haitian Flag on a pedestal in commemoration of its 213th anniversary.
After 21 years it’s absolutely amazing to see how tens of thousands of people have made Miami their vacation hub during Compas Fest weekend. We have inspired other party promoters to host events surrounding ours, we have brought an extensive amount of tourism to the city and even non-Haitians enjoy the entire week of festivities we helped create. Travelers come from Guadeloupe, France, Canada, Haiti, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Martinique, you name it, they are here because we made the Haitian Compas Festival and Haitian Flag Day a household name!” explains Rodney Noel, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival.
The Haitian Compas Festival is known for bringing the best of the best to Miami and this year is no exception.
Bands like Harmonik, Djakout #1, Gabel, Enposib, Nu Look, T-Vice, Kai, Kreyol La, Vayb, Zenglen, Zikos, Disip, Maestro, Klere will be on stage with some of the best solo artists Rutshelle, Annie Alerte, Roody Roodboy, Chiwawa, Tamara Suffren and the hottest DJ’s Tony Mix, Nicky Mix, Power Mixx, DJ Bullet, Teddy Mixx, DJ Heavy, Valmix, Magic Kenny, Ted Bounce and DJ FMA.
The Haitian Compas Festival is not only about the music, but it boasts the greatest Haitian food and art in one venue.
The music fest at Mana Wynwood is set for 3pm to 2am on Saturday, May 18th, but the Haitian Compas Festival weekend kicks off on Wednesday with an Unplugged performance and continues through Monday with some of the hottest parties, venues and acts imaginable.
Tickets are already on sale and can be found online at www.Haitiancompasfestival.com and more information about everything Compas Fest can be found there as well.
The Haitian Compas Festival isn’t your average festival, it is a time honored tradition that is draped in pride and wrapped in unity.


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