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When we stand by and allow children to be slaughtered, we are a sad nation. When we do nothing to stop it, when we are complacent, and say it is someone else’s problem, we share the guilt. When we say “there is nothing we can do,” we are wrong. Regardless of political party or being right or left, it is wrong to allow little children to be shot and killed.
There are many different ideas about how to stop gun violence. It isn’t necessary to argue that there is only one way to stop it. We need to choose several ways and give them the backing of the law. Background checks, outlawing assault rifles, mental health funding, raising the age to buy a gun, better lock systems for gun owners … all of these affect unnecessary gun deaths.
This is the time to make our voices heard. We will not allow our children to be slaughtered. Our lawmakers are there to serve the people, and we need to let them know our options.
Jodi Preslar
Many in conservative politics are warning us that a “great replacement” is occurring. Democrats, they say, are deliberately encouraging immigration of people of color into the United States through relaxed border security, political correctness and “wokeness” to seize power and replace white people and white culture, a strategy that, among the loudest and most annoying voices, qualifies as genocide.
First of all, Democrats aren’t clever enough to hatch a scheme like that. And secondly, don’t threaten me with a good time.
Having been white my entire life, I can say with certainty that our culture is not superior among races. I like wearing Hawaiian shirts and listening to Arcade Fire as much as the next white man, but if every week some Caucasian reacts to the possibility of having a Haitian neighbor by shooting up an elementary school, I’d say white people deserve to be replaced. Having groovier music, tastier food and aging more gracefully would be no skin off my back. We could certainly have better beauty standards than whatever all-beige, poor-as-a-snake Kardashian they’re selling us.
The average African can probably speak four languages, while the Americans who think themselves to be ubermensch barely have a passing grade in one. Like someone who insists their hometown is the best because they’ve never left it, white people across the country are only afraid of foreigners because they don’t know how good it could be.
They say the average American will no longer be white by 2050, and I for one can’t wait.
John Belmont
Wow — just wow. I had to double-check to be sure this wasn’t “The Onion” or fake Fox News or something. But it was true. The very day that a threatening gunman shows up at the home of a Supreme Court justice (“Police: Kavanaugh targeted for death,” June 9), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pushes a bill to increase security for Supreme Court justices. The very day.
Never mind that Kavanaugh was in no real danger. After all, U.S. Marshals were on the scene and quickly arrested the man. Republicans have sat on their hands for years and years and years while our children were being slaughtered, offering nothing but “thoughts and prayers.” But one threat to a higher-up muckety-muck and Republicans rush a bill to the Senate floor.
There is no better example, Republican friends: Your legislators don’t give a damn about you or your children. All they’re interested in is stoking culture wars to get you riled up so you’ll vote against your very own children. Leave the cult.
Howard Greene
Machine gun ownership requires a special permit. Why not apply the same standards, vetting and permitting process for assault weapons, silencers and other weapons of war? I believe that will help protect our children.
John Fountain
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Get opinion pieces, letters and editorials sent directly to your inbox weekly!
Incredible effort

Referencing the Texas school shooting tragedy, state Sen. Joyce Krawiec’s guest column, “Working to keep our children safe,” was published in the Journal on June 1.
What will it take?

Someone needs to tell President Biden that the midterms are right around the corner so he can fix all the problems in our country now. Come on, man!
Bipartisan legislation
Hold them accountable

I’m very sorry to hear about the man carrying a gun, a knife and zip ties — the tools of legitimate political discourse — who showed up near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house threatening to kill him.
Political points

Another mass shooting; what can we do? It is a question many of us are asking without getting any answers.

Citizens should not be allowed to own assault rifles. They are designed to kill humans in war. There is no legitimate use of these tools of war by law-abiding citizens.
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