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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – James Kenan boys soccer is undefeated this season. One of the newest members of the team is Peter Omega and he has made an immediate impact on the Tigers success.
We feature him in this week’s Pepsi Sports Spotlight.
“Coming here was amazing,” says James Kenan soccer player Peter Omega, “It is very chill, very relaxing. He say he want to thank God that he had the opportunity to come here and play soccer here.”
Peter Omega moved here from Haiti this spring with his family.
“Pretty much he moved here for a better life because it was dangerous the part where he came from,” says Omega through translator Berlin David, “So his parents moved him here so he could have a better life and a better education because it was tough to get a good education in Haiti.”
He found a home and education with James Kenan in Warsaw.
“He fits in very well on and off the field,” says James Kenan head boys soccer coach Mitchell Quinn, “He’s got a great personality. Great skill. He’s just a great all around kid.”
Peter speaks on of the Haitian national languages, Creole. Lucky for him Berlin David also moved here from Haiti more than a decade ago.
“I learned it in Haiti when I went to school there,” says James Kenan soccer player Berlin David, “Haitian Creole, French, English, my mom is teaching me sign language because she is fluent in sign language. I’m trying to pick up on Spanish.”
“Like a brother to him,” says Omega via David, “and it is wonderful having me here translate and making friends.”
Between Spanish, Creole, French and English you’d think the chemistry would be tough.
“Tonight we moved the ball very well,” says Quinn, “We hadn’t been quite that effective up until now.”
But soccer is the universal language. Peter and the Tigers speak it fluently.
“You can tell the spark he puts out there on the field,” says Quinn, “He pretty much controls the middle of the field. Everyone, pretty much, looks up to him.”
No matter how you say champion, the 19-0-1 Tigers recently clinched their conference title and have their sights set on finishing the season on top.
“He says the objective is to come and win,” says Omega via David, “So we are going to keep the same motivation to keep going. Losing a game is not part of the objective.”
“He said it, we don’t want to lose,” says Quinn, “It is going to be up to them to perform.”
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