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There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with some good company and definitely with some good food!
Ever think about soup to usher in the new year? Something hot, delicious with deep meaning. Sounds like my Saturday night date.
Grab a bowl and follow Deco to a preview of the Soup and Champagne Party.
The best way to start the new year is with a big bowl of soup joumou!
Haitian Poohbear (it’s the best way to celebrate): “It’s tradition in Haiti. We celebrate on the first of the year. It’s one of the unique days where everybody gets together. We eat, we drink, we give thanks and we get ready for a new year, hoping for the best, hoping for abundance.”   
There will be lots of joumou at the Soup and Champagne Party at the Ancient Spanish Monestary in North Miami Beach, and if you go you might see a famous face or two.
Haitian Poohbear: “This is our Third Annual Soup and Champagne. It’s just going to be an all out party. We’re going to be celebrating, giving thanks and welcoming the new year. Our previous events years back, we’ve had many celebrities come through such as Jamie Foxx.”
Miami Radio Personality, Supa Cindy, is hosting, so you know it’s going to be a party, and all are welcome.
Supa Cindy (it’s for all cultures): “I don’t want people to think that if they’re not Haitian they can’t attend. Like, this is for all cultures. Everyone dressed in white, celebrating the new year, hoping for good wealth, and prosperity, and dancing to good vibes.”
No need to struggle finding a good fit for the evening, it’s an all white party. Just be careful not to spill any soup.
A party with no music isn’t a party at all. That’s why legendary Haitian band T-Vice will be performing a mix of new songs and fan favorites.
Roberto Martino (majestic music): “You guys can expect something very majestic from us. We just released a new album, and we’re going to be performing the new songs, performing our hits, and we’re going to be bringing that Haitian kompa carnival vibe to the Soup and Champagne event.”
For more information on the Soup and Champagne event, click here.
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