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Missionaries with a Sioux Falls-based non-profit working in Haiti endured some of the hardest hits of Hurricane Matthew.
Mission Haiti, a ministry based out of Sioux Falls, works in the Ti-Riviere village in southwestern Haiti, one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew. Seven missionaries and teachers from the U.S. and Canada are overseas with the ministry, five of whom have Sioux Falls connections.
All volunteers are safe, said USA Executive Director Tim Mulder.
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Staff told Mulder the storm felt and sounded like 24 hours of a constant train running right outside of the building.
“Our village was right in the path of the storm and was very heavily affected,” Mulder said.
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The missionary’s staff in Haiti have spent long days cleaning up and providing food and water for Mission Haiti property, the village they serve and surrounding villages. Mission Haiti helps support five schools in and near its village. All five schools received extensive damage and the roof of one of the organization’s orphanages blew off completely.
“A lot of the homes in the villages have tin roofs; the tin roofs couldn’t withstand that wind pressure,” Mulder said. “Home repairs and home construction is going to be the vast majority of (clean up).”
Since the storm, Mulder said people have called in with offers to go to Haiti or to provide supplies. While he said they appreciate those gifts, it’s not safe to travel to Haiti and the missionary has a staff ready to work. Funding is what they need.
“If you want to help, the best, most efficient and way to help is through financial donations,” Mulder said. “We’re there already. We have over 150 Haitian employees in the country ready to help, but we need funding to buy the materials and supplies.”
To help with the staff’s efforts, the missionary has set up a Hurricane Matthew Relief fund on its website.


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