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Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart
BYH, check your shoe attire. I don’t think crocs are allowed at work. Oh never mind, you can get away with it.
BYH to political candidates who use attack ads while running for office. How can you expect me to vote for you if the ads you endorse are not truthful or factual? Every citizen should look up the “facts” being presented in these ads. You will likely be shocked to learn the facts.
Support the movie theater? You mean support Hollywood? Not going to pay to support based on the crap that they produce. Don’t think I’ll support trash that is anti-normal and pushing progressive perverse ideas. Then they charge an arm and a leg for a drink and some popcorn. Bad business model. Go woke, go broke, bless their hearts.
Boy Optimum. You have changed how your TiVo boxes work and the changes can’t be fixed. Yet you still charge the same outrageous amount for your services. And you won’t even provide an email address so a consumer can file a complaint. Guess I’m going to go the route of freeing myself of cable service.
BYH to the writer who seems to be knowledgeable of the misdeeds of the Chemours Dupont company. From your writings, it looks like you spent as much time in English class as you did developing your knowledge in chemistry. I venture to say that most of your information comes from social networking.
BYH, maybe we’ll just start sending busloads of banned books to Florida.

Bless all of our hearts. I think there’s a much easier solution to our migrant problem. Instead of giving them bus rides or plane rides to parts of the U.S. I haven’t even visited, just give them transportation back to their home country. That’s what they do with Haitian immigrants, so why not do the same with the other illegal immigrants?
The liability lawyers for Dupont must live in ENC. The mention of their connection to PFAS and Chemours gets a response every time. Personally, I would not want to be associated with Chemours either. Neither does Dupont. And that’s how they avoid responsibility. Lawyers, bless their hearts.
BOH, The Democratic lemmings in Congress led by Pied Piper Pelosi, Cheeky Schumer, and Uncle Joe have led us to the cliff with inflation, high gas and food prices, higher mortgage and credit card rates, higher taxes, student debt forgiveness and higher interest rates. No relief in sight. Let’s hope the American public pulls up its socks and changes the direction of the country as it slides towards bankruptcy as a new third-world country.
BYH, President Biden. The thing I like best about Joe Biden is he never asks me to contribute to his legal defense fund. MAGA: Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.
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