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Six months after an official decree had been issued, the immediate family of a Haitian police officer killed in the line of duty, has received financial compensation.
The decree published on July 1, 2022, provides for special compensation for the families of police officers who die while on duty.
Earlier this week, the National Police of Haiti (NPH) presented a cheque to the widow of a police officer who, while expressing her gratitude to the NPH, welcomed the efforts being made and hoped that other families will benefit from the initiative.
The NPH said while it is “still saddened by the loss of its members” it is “nevertheless committed to the families of police officers who are victims ….in accordance with the provisions of the decree”.
According to the decree, in the event of injury, the police officer will continue to receive his salary for the duration of his temporary incapacity.
“However, the duration of this temporary incapacity shall not exceed 12 months. If the damage incurred results in permanent physical incapacity, the staff member victim, in addition to the special risk allowance, will receive a disability allowance equivalent to his salary, until his pension is paid.”
Article 3 stipulates that the police officer will be entitled to special risk compensation with police officers in categories one to four receiving 500,000 Gourdes (One Haitian Gourde=US$0.006 cents); inspectors, 750,000 Gourdes and commissioners one million Gourdes.
It also noted that the cases of the highest-ranking officers will be subject to special considerations.
“When a major accident results in the death of the agent, a death benefit will be paid to his/her surviving spouse, his/her notorious concubine duly registered in the certificate of declaration of notorious concubinage and to his minor children; failing this, all the beneficiaries of the order of succession provided for in the Civil Code.”
Police officers within the category one to three will receive one million Gourdes; Inspectors: 1.5 million Gourdes with commissioners receiving two million Gourdes.
The decree also noted that in the event of death in a police operation, a dignified funeral will be given to the police officers. The transport of the remains from the place of death to the place of burial and the funeral expenses will be borne by the State without exceeding two hundred thousand Gourdes
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