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Real estate contributions to Haitian Americans in Miami’s District 2 race

MIAMI — With housing being a priority in the Miami-Dade County Commission District 2 race, some community advocates have said it is important to pick a candidate experienced in fighting displacement from big development. Among them is Santra Denis, founder of Avanse Ansanm, an organization that aims to increase Haitian Americans’ political engagement.

“People need to be able to review campaign financing and make a decision,” Denis said, “based on ‘Is this a candidate that is supported heavily by community champions and community members’ or ‘Is this a candidate that is getting support elsewhere, and what implications does that have for our community?’”

To give a sense, The Haitian Times put together this chart that looks specifically at real estate campaign contributions to the Haitian American candidates in the race as of August 5, 2022.

Philippe Bien-Aime raised more than $860,000 between his campaign account and political committee, Progressive Advocates for Change. The majority of his funding comes from the real estate development industry and big corporations. 

Bien-Aime’s top real estate donors are: 

  • $40,000 from Aliro, based in New Jersey*
  • $32,000 from Oleta Partners 
  • $30,000 from Biscayne Harbor Property Owner
  • $20,000 from Michael Wohl, from Coral Rock Development Group
  • $15,000 from Jarrod Markofsky, an executive of Skymark
  • $15,000 Chi Omega Investors Group
  • $14,500 from 1175 NE 125 ST
  • $14,500 from Che Landco JW, based in Chicago
  • $10,000 Capital Partners 
  • $10,000 Mana Miami Management
  • $10,000 Weiselberg Joseph 

Other noteworthy donations to Bien-Aime include:

*Except where noted as out-of-state, the contributor is based in Florida. 

Wallace Aristide raised approximately $430,000 between his campaign account and political committee, District 2 United. He has garnered 90 donations from educators. About $106,000 of Aristide’s total campaign contributions came from the real estate development industry. 

Aristide’s top real estate donors are:

Marleine Bastien raised more than $224,000, with $7,425 coming from the real estate development industry in her campaign account. An early campaigner, she has received the most individual donations, which range from $1 to $1,000. 

Bastien’s top real estate donations:

Other notable donations to Bastien include:

Joe Celestin raised more than $109,000 in his campaign account and political committee, Floridians for Strong Families, with $1,000 of the amount coming from the real estate development industry.

Celestin’s top real estate donations: 

Other notable donations to Celestin include:

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