Police shoot at pay strikers in Haiti – Socialist Worker

Protest in Haiti, 2019 occupies the streets of Hinche.
The police have shot and injured striking workers in Haiti. At least three workers were injured in the attack, and a photojournalist was killed. The violence comes after angry protests and strikes by mostly garment workers were met with police brutality at the end of February.
Workers are demanding wage increases matching inflation. From 2019 garment workers faced a minimum wage of just £3.66 a day. But, with the price of food and other consumer goods rising, workers are fighting back. They have forced the government to make some concessions.
Protest in the last month has forced the government to raise the minimum wage, but workers say it’s too low. Madame Boukman—Justice 4 Haiti wrote on Twitter, “Haiti’s minimum wage is the lowest in the region due to years of violent suppression by external and internal forces. The masses are taking it into their own hands to set a path to a living wage.”
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