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Police question entrepreneur accused of faking her kidnapping
The Haitian National Police (PNH) interrogated an entrepreneur after some media outlets and residents claimed that she faked her kidnapping.
Byanka Gauthier was reportedly kidnapped on Dec. 16 as she was driving from a business meeting in Lathan Plaine, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. Her car was found in Lilavois, Port-au-Prince the following day. She was eventually released on Dec. 18 after a ransom was paid.
“We just questioned her about her kidnapping as is the case with other victims who want to collaborate with the [police] concerning the fight against kidnapping,” an investigator who said. Source
Reporter recovering after deadly car shooting 
A Group Medialternative journalist was shot while riding in a vehicle in Port-au-Prince on Monday afternoon. Sérant Vario was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive.
However, another person who was with him in the car died from their wounds.
The reason for the attack is unknown. Fifty reporters worldwide were murdered in 2020, according to watchdog group Reporters Without Borders (RSF). Source
Nurses demand university-level rank and benefits 
Nurses who graduated from public nursing schools have submitted a petition to President Jovenel Moïse asking him to raise by decree the national nursing schools’ designation to a university-level department. 
Currently, such students are not entitled to a diploma signed by the University of Haiti (UEH), an act that would allow them to become an integral part of UEH. The nursing students are also asking for health insurance, social services and the right to vote for a dean. 
The nurses began asking for a higher rank in 2019. Source
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by Onz Chéry, The Haitian Times
January 3, 2021
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