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Christmas at a Locally Sponsored Orphanage in Haiti
While we celebrate Christmas here in Canada, 22 children at Centre Vie Orphanage in St. Marc, Haiti, hope that we will remember them at this festive time of year.  Funds are urgently needed, on an ongoing basis, to help feed, house, clothe and educate these vulnerable children.

Some of the children at the orphanage.  Maggie, far right, starts nursing school in December and will need help with tuition fees to complete her 3-year nursing program.
Most of the children were left orphaned by the major earthquake that devastated the Island nation in 2010.  Almonte resident Dieudonne Batraville and friends, moved by the plight of these orphaned children, established the Centre Vie (CEVIM) orphanage immediately after the quake. She continues to manage CEVIM with the help of charitable contributions from members of our Mississippi Mills community.
If you would like to provide a smile of hope for these orphaned children this Christmas, please consider donating to the orphanage by sending an e-transfer, indicating support for Centre Vie Orphanage, to the Community Presbyterian Church at commpresbchurch@storm.ca.
Cheques can also be sent to the Community Presbyterian Church, 111 Church St., PO Box 1073, Almonte, ON, K0A1A0.
Please include your name and mailing address to receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes.
For additional information, please contact Dieudonne Batraville at 613-256-6334  centreviecevim2017@gmail.com or Jim Cochran at 613-256-3835 cochranjim28@gmail.com
Together, let us help these orphaned children realize their dream of a better future. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated!
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