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Bridging the gap
Liné Balthazar, president of the PHTK, said the political party rejects the constitutional referendum planned for June 27.
Balthazar said logistically, the process will be a fiasco, that the draft Constitution is a reproduction of an authoritarian model and that no consensus has been reached. Several other political parties have also opposed the referendum, which Haiti president Jovenel Moïse has organized.
The PHTK is the political party that brought Moïse to power in 2016. It is unclear what the party’s stance may mean for Moïse’s standing in the party. Source
Kidnappers release one Catholic worshipper, religious officials say 
One of the 10 people kidnapped while heading to church last week was released April 14, according to Father Gilbert Peltrop, secretary of the CHR, a Haiti-based religious conference.
Oxane Dorcélus, upon her release, told the organization that the other nine people kidnapped are alive and that the kidnappers did not physically assault them.
CHR could not confirm whether Dorcelus was released after paying a ransom. The organization has insisted that the Church would not negotiate with kidnappers, but could not say whether the families of the hostages entered into talks with the kidnappers. Source
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by The Haitian Times, The Haitian Times
April 19, 2021
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