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Oxxo convenience stores will hire Haitian migrants, the chain’s parent company announced on Wednesday.
FEMSA, a multinational beverage and retail company and owner of the Oxxo stores, announced the policy on Twitter.
“In FEMSA we are committed to inclusion and diversity, giving employment opportunities to refugee and migrant people,” the multinational wrote. “Through Oxxo stores, we hire displaced people from Haiti, giving them the opportunity to start a new life here.”
The announcement signals the fulfillment of a promise: FEMSA President José Antonio Fernández has said since June that his company would offer jobs to migrants and refugees.
Immigration authorities and federal officials have said that they “have no problem” with welcoming migrants “as long as they respect the laws.”
Over the past year, tens of thousands of asylum applications from Haitian migrants have flooded the Mexican refugee agency, threatening to overwhelm the system. The migrants are fleeing a combination disaster caused by crime, the assination of their president, an earthquake, a hurricane and the pandemic.
With reports from El Universal
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Violence, poverty and pandemic-related factors will continue to spur migration to and through Mexico next year, a UN official said.
Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard said a network of smugglers generates billions of dollars moving migrants to the US via Mexico.
An average of 4,026 migrants — most from Central America — entered Mexico each day in 2021, 44.5% more than last year.
Trying to relieve overwhelmed staff in Chiapas, the immigration agency is sending migrants to equally understaffed offices all over Mexico.
Recent announcements suggest the two countries are relying on some of the same failed strategies in a new phase of their partnership.
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Trying to relieve overwhelmed staff in Chiapas, the immigration agency is sending migrants to equally understaffed offices all over Mexico.
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