Over 30 Inches of Snow Has Fallen in Parts of Massachusetts – The New York Times


As much as 30 inches of snow had fallen in some parts of Massachusetts by early Saturday evening, Gov. Charlie Baker said at a news conference, while Boston had seen about two feet — nearly a record — with another two to four inches expected before the snow tapers off tonight.
The storm may have played out exactly as predicted, but Sunday is still going to be a long day for snowplow drivers and cleanup crews, according to the governor.
“The storm for the most part is delivering what we and the experts expected,” Mr. Baker told reporters. “It pretty much landed the way everyone thought it would, and I think that’s made a big difference.”
Still, the governor predicted some difficult hours and perhaps days ahead, as power outages increased across the state, especially on Cape Cod and the nearby islands, where heavy winds were making restoration difficult.
“It’s been a very long storm,” Governor Baker said. “We’re not quite out of the woods on it yet.”
According to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, more than 89,000 customers were without power in the state as of 8 p.m.
Blowing snow and “continued whiteout” conditions were forecast to persist until Sunday morning, officials said, repeating their request for residents to stay put at least until the morning.
“Stay at home, hunker down and do your part in that way,” Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito said, adding, “We can’t stress that part enough.”


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