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“It takes a great faith in God to believe that it was answered prayer.  God allowed the events to happen for their release…guards knowing they were leaving could be and then we know that God allowed that too.  Many people have been praying from all over the world,” writes Brenda from Rochester, WA 
“Why do the details not add up? Can God not take care of his people? If you would watch the video by the Haitian cam director, maybe you would understand.  What if these people are telling the truth? Then what? The FBI was very corrupt and stayed away due to cams request. What would be the advantages if the US government had leveled the gangs and freed the Americans?  The questions remaining are mostly irrelevant, the hostages are free! Wonderful! -writes Timothy Horst
Thank you for venturing some analysis on the kidnapping situation in Haiti of the 17 North American missionaries.  I have just a few points to offer.  1.  There is a three hour public testimony of one of the missionaries that has been recorded.  I think between that and the press release, it can be deduced that Christian Aid Ministries requested to go about things in a non-resistant manner and not use violence to get them out.  The missionaries saw planes circling above where they were held.  These planes were FBI presence watching the situation.  The missionaries confirmed they were FBI after the fact.  I don’t know if they knew what planes they were before that point.  They suspected the planes were of a protective nature and possible rescue, though when no one intervened, the missionaries were convicted in their hearts that they shouldn’t have been looking for that kind of intervention but to trust God instead.  (I hope I am remembering that correctly.)   2.  They got out of captivity December 16th, exactly two months after capture.  3.  The first two missionaries were released November 21st.  The first five were released due to health concerns.  Thanks again for stepping out into piecing some of it together,” writes Anna


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