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I appreciated the concern for Haiti in the Nov. 1 editorial “Don’t look away.” Indeed, the situation in Haiti is a great cause for concern, and the world continues to look away. The armed groups causing unrest and violence in Haiti emerged from a complex set of economic, political and social issues engendered by deep-seated structural factors stretching back many decades. Gang activity in Haiti today is largely financed and organized by groups and individuals with financial and political motivations that seek to prevent elections by destabilizing the country and causing chaos. Prime Minister Ariel Henry will continue to focus on the effort to have free and fair elections, regardless of the forces that seek undemocratic solutions. He will continue to invite all genuine voices of the Haitian people to join in this effort.
Yes, the world should not look away, but foreign military intervention in Haiti is not the solution. Mr. Henry has achieved a historic political accord with more than 600 political parties and civil society organizations with large constituencies. Haiti needs the support of the international community to address the extraordinarily difficult situation our country currently faces. But the support must be for a Haitian-led solution.
Bocchit Edmond, Washington
The writer is the Haitian ambassador to the United States.
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