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The Seattle Times at one time was a decent, reputable newspaper. But the last couple of weeks has shown yet again how far they have fallen. The Seahawks, too.
GOP Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley is challenging stale incumbent Patty Murray for her Congressional seat, recent polls show her within 2 points of Murray.
But what's gotten the attention the last week or so is a cease-and-desist order sent to Smiley's campaign over a TV ad called "Gameday."  In the ad, Smiley narrates about rising food and family costs, while behind her a male actor and two kids go about typical family activities in the home. The man is seen on the couch, wearing what does appear to be a Seahawks jersey, the shoulder of the shirt is seen for about 2 seconds.
The 'Hawks order to Smiley's campaign accused them of using the logo etc without permission, although it's only partially visible. Now, one could understand perhaps a company being very uber-picky about this. However, 8 years ago, the team honored Smiley's blinded Army Ranger Veteran husband Scott by having him raise the 12th Man Flag during a game in Seattle. But now, because she is running on the GOP ticket to challenge the swamp incumbent Murray, the woke NFL team decides to throw her and her husband under the bus. At no time does the man discuss or endorse Smiley. She does all the political talking.
Also, the Seattle Times complained and did a similar request to have a picture of one of their stories and logo about crime in Seattle removed from another Smiley ad, claiming she used it without permission. Never mind that in 2016, according to a complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Senator Murray used the Times logo and other materials for a number of ads, and no complaint came from the paper.
We are waiting to hear what happens with the FEC complaint, but it's clear that once Smiley began to gain a lot of traction, various factions began to work against her. According to the Washington Examiner, a recent Trafalgar poll shows Smiley within two points of Murray.
It's sad to see a woke useless newspaper, and an NFL franchise turn on a candidate-person who is challenging a politician that has been a part of the DC swamp for decades.


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