Nine-year-old among group of Haitians kidnapped Wednesday – Haitian Times

The Haitian Times
Bridging the gap
PORT-AU-PRINCE — One day after the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights (CARDH) published an Oct. 19 report about the record number of kidnappings in Haiti, several people, including a nine-year-old, were abducted, Le Nouvelliste reported. 
The bandits kidnapped the group in Bon Repos in Croix-des-Bouquets, a commune outside Port-au-Prince where 17 missionaries were kidnapped last weekend. The area has gained notoriety as a stronghold of the 400 Mawozo gang, which is reportedly responsible for the missionaries’ abduction, according to the Miami Herald.
In addition to abducting the group with the child on Oct. 20, the criminals looted several homes in Bon Repos. Read more
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by The Haitian Times, The Haitian Times
October 21, 2021
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