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Bridging the gap
AQUIN – Martine Phebé, the art director tied to the death of 8-year-old singing sensation Dalanschika  “Nègès Da” Malbranche, has been summoned to appear in front of the local government commissioner on Feb. 3, news site Vant Bef Info reported.  
Phebè is the head of the cultural dance troupe Thòy’Art, the organization with which Nègès Da performed before she died in January. She is to appear before Aquin’s Commissioner Jean Ervé Janvier, following the complaint filed by the child’s parents around the death.
Nègès Da died Jan. 23 in Fond-des-Blancs, a commune in the Southern Department, days after she first became ill from a fever they believed was a mystical spell that could be undone. 
The child’s family blames Phebé, who was acting as Nègès Da’s guardian while the child lived in Port-au-Prince as a member of the artists group. The death caused a split between the budding artist’s family and Phebé, with each accusing the other of not doing enough to save the child’s life. 
Thòy’Art teaches children how to sing and about Haiti’s culture, including Vodou.
Aquin is a commune located in the Southern Department, about 90 miles from the capital.
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February 2, 2022
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