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n November 2022, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Haiti provided reception and post-arrival assistance to 684 adult and child migrants repatriated to Haiti by both air and sea to Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitian. This amounts to 21,987 repatriations in 2022 and is in addition to nearly 20,000 repatriated migrants in 2021. In contrast to 2021 and earlier months in 2022, when the vast majority of migrants were returned by the United States, most of the repatriated migrants in November 2022 were returned by flight from the Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas, while 187 migrants (around 27%) have been repatriated upon being intercepted at sea by the United States Coast Guard. In September 2022 the security situation in the country degenerated, with the increase armed violence, kidnappings, shootings and the fuel shortage both in the Metropolitan Area of Port-au-Prince and other regions around the country. Since Haiti faced a humanitarian crisis, repatriations have reduced considerably in September and October as the conditions did not allow for a safe and sustainable return of Haitians. However, since the availability of fuel increased, the situation has slightly improved. IOM observed that repatriations by air and sea have increased, although to a lesser extent. The number of migrants repatriated in November 2022 (684) is still low compared to the averages of preceding months
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