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More than 100 Americans on a mission trip in Haiti are trapped there for the time being, thanks to riots in the streets. Among them is a group of 13 people from Chapin United Methodist Church.
The mission trips are coordinated through Mission of Hope Haiti, based Texas. Every year, Mission of Hope hosts thousands of mission trip participants from around the world. Teams participate by serving in one of the villages where they partner with local Haitian churches.
According to Mission of Hope, “many Haitians are actively expressing their displeasure over the 40% increase in fuel prices that went into effect yesterday.” The protests have closed the streets, preventing missionaries from leaving their camps to get to the airport in Port-au-Prince.
(Tweet 1 of 3): As you are seeing on the news, many Haitians are actively expressing their displeasure over the 40% increase in fuel prices that went into effect today.

We want to update you on our teams that are working on campus today.

(Tweet 2 of 3): They have plenty of food, water, and security, as we continue to monitor the situation carefully.

Mission of Hope is thankful for our friends and family in neighboring villages, who have been so encouraging and supportive.
(Tweet 3 of 3): Please join our entire MOH family, both North American and Haitian, as we pray for a quick conclusion to these demonstrations.
One of the mission leaders, Emily Wheaton, says her group is in good hands.
“We’re in a secure area,” Wheaton said. “We’ve had food delivered to us, they’re concerned about us making sure that we are okay, there’s never been a moment where I have been concerned about my safety or the safety of my team.”
Steve Wheaton, who is Emily Wheaton’s husband, says the church group travels to Haiti every year and he is confident his family and friends are safe.
”I have no concern for their safety at this point,” Wheaton said. “I just pray for the Haitian people they don’t enjoy a country like ours, last week we celebrated our freedom it’s not like that there so it”s something that we may take for granted so we just need to pray for those countries who are not as fortunate as we are.”
The group is hopeful the roads will be cleared by Monday.

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