Members of the League of Haitian American Diaspora Alliance Network raise awareness for Haiti in Savannah – WTOC

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Haiti’s ties to Savannah can be traced all the way back to the Revolutionary War.
A monument in Franklin Square pays tribute to the hundreds of troops from what is now Haiti who volunteered to fight alongside Continental soldiers against the British in the Battle of Savannah.
Wednesday, members of the League of Haitian American Diaspora Alliance Network gathered in Franklin Square asking the U.S. return the favor their ancestors gave hundreds of years ago.
“We must say something about Haiti right now. Haiti needs your help right now. We cannot wait for tomorrow; it’s going to be too late.”
“Haiti is living in a very, very bad situation of terror, kidnapping, corruption, bad governance and international community interference. So we need to change that energy in a positive way for Haiti,” Sabine Philippe, Chair said.
The call to action comes on Haiti’s national flag day, a call that got the attention from local elected leaders, and the local chapter of the NAACP.
“Until we get international support, and until we get international coalition building, what we see in Haiti is a small reflection of what all people, not just people of African decent but all people in the entire world face,” Chad Mance, NAACP said.
The group is holding a conference right now downtown and took a tour of Savannah earlier in the day to learn more about the City.
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