Many Hands Expanding to the Bahamas in 2023 – KNIA KRLS Radio

A non-profit organization that has worked for years in Haiti to help lift impoverished families into sustainable lives is expanding to a new location.
CEO of Many Hands Tim Brand says they are establishing its community-based initiatives on the island of Great Abaco, located in the northern islands of the Bahamas.
Brand says they will be working in partnership with local government, churches, and international non-profits in 2023 to help address some of the nation’s challenges in food security, housing, and education.
An increasing number of Haitian refugees are fleeing a worsening crisis in Haiti, making the Bahamas their home — which Brand says makes them a logical fit to help — and they still intend to keep working in their original locations despite the massive challenges ahead.
“The catastrophic issues in Haiti are forcing difficult choices for families. We will continue to strengthen families in Haiti, as we aren’t going anywhere. At the same time, we see the great need for building community and strengthening families in places migrants are landing. The problems we are addressing are greater than the borders of Haiti,” says Brand.
A group of Pella Christian High School Winterim students is coming to aid in the creation of the operations in early January.
Read more about the Many Hands expansion to the Bahamas here and listen to more from Brand on the Let’s Talk Pella podcast.

Let’s Talk Pella – Many Hands for Haiti, Part Two
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