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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.
The New York-based Cell is in the midst of a major transformation. In 2022, the cell will seek to regionalize its portfolio by developing operations in Latin America in addition to its projects in Haiti and Liberia. Thus, during the first half of 2022, the Cell will carry out exploratory missions in order to propose projects in Latin America; areas of intervention have to be defined. In Haiti, MSF manages a trauma center with a burns unit and an emergency room. In Liberia, MSF manages a pediatric hospital and an epilepsy-mental health project.
In Haiti and Liberia, the Cell has developed surgical projects although targeting different populations: victims of violence in Haiti and children in Liberia. This has led the NYC Cell to collaborate closely with the hospital management unit.
Although in totally different intervention contexts, the Cell has developed a strong “Learning & Development” package of activities. In Liberia, the main objective for 2022 will be to transfer its pediatric activities (medical and surgical) to a Ministry of Health facility while strengthening its epilepsy-mental health activity. This second project has been integrated to the MoH medical services from its opening. In Haiti, this year, the main objective of the cell will be the construction of an ambulatory unit with a day surgery delivery package.
Security management is a key issue in Haiti.
The logistic supervisor ensures the various technical supply chain procedures are respected, fulfilled and followed up, based on the definition of the program and the set up within the Desk. The logistic supervisor is a member of the desk and as such is hierarchically under the Program Manager’s responsibility and functionally under the Operational Logistic Manager.
Mai**n responsibilities**
Participatesi**n**the de**finition o**f the p**r**og**r**a**m ob**j**e**c**tives, taking i**n**to c**on**si**d**e**r**a**tion the de**fined s**trategic p**l**an**:**
o Participates in the definition of the program objectives by informing the Desk of technical and supply challenges
o Expresses clearly the technical and supply challenges that could affect the operations
o Proposes non-medical programs (Water, Hygiene, Sanitation, construction, shelters, NFI)
Ensuresthe i**mplementation o**f field-adapted po**li**tics an**d p**r**o**c**edu**r**e**s**:**
o Oversees the understanding and application of the logistic politics and procedures in the field
o Follows and evaluates the progression of activities
o Ensures the gathering of pertinent information from the field to drive efficiently his activity
o Evaluates and analyzes the programs and missions’ technical and supply activities
Adv**is**e**s** and p**r**o**vi**de**s** su**p**po**r**t to the field v**i**a management o**f** the log**is**t**i**c teams:**
o Advises Head of Mission
o Guides the Logistic Coordinator, supports and supervises him in his activity’s management
and decision making
o Ensures the program defined by the Logistic Coordinator adheres to operational objectives
o Mobilizes and verifies support resources are well adapted to the country’s context
o Provides support to the missions during emergencies, including field visits
o Provides advices on the production of organigrams
Pr**odu**c**e**s r**epo**r**ts** ens**u**ri**n**g the c**ap**i**talization** and i**n**s**titutional** memory of expe**ri**en**c**e**s** :
o Ensures the capitalization of knowledge and methods acquired on the field; produces written feedback of various experiences
o Participates in logistic trainings in the field and/or international training sessions
o Ensures briefing and debriefing of logisticians and coordination team members
o Ensures to upgrade his technical and supply skills via internal or external training
Participatesi**n** the poli**c**y de**finition** of the Logistic & Supp**l**y Departments an**d** in the p**l**ann**i**n**g** of future need**s**:**
o Participates, in link with his/her hierarchy, to the policy definition of his/her functional department taking into consideration the specific issues and possibilities of the projects under his responsibility
o Follows and assesses deployment of new equipment or protocol on the projects under his/her responsibility
o Is involved in the HR management of the logistics staff working in the projects of the desk and identifies potential future senior staff
Is i**n**v**ol**v**e**d i**n** the se**c**u**ri**t**y** management and r**i**s**k** re**d**u**c**tion p**r**a**c**tices o**f** the pr**o**j**e**c**t**s**:**
o Participates in the general context and risk analysis for the project and follows environmental changes
o Checks that Sindy (Security incident report software) is properly used by the teams in the projects
o Analyzes and capitalizes security incidents happening in the projects under his/her responsibility
Con**tributes** to cr**o**s**s** depar**tment** co**ll**abo**r**a**tion** :
o Shares knowledge and information, develops his/her capability to work with other departments or services within the framework of his/her project management
Potentially,functionally s**uppo**r**t**s team o**n the f**i**e**l**d :**
o Provides guidance to the logistic team on the field
o Directs and assesses their work
o Forwards tools and implements good practices
Qualification and requirements
Significant experience as Logistic Coordinator on several type of context and/or Log Cell manager experience
Proven Experience on safety and security management,
Logistic field experience with MSF is consider as an asset
Emergency response experience
Humanitarian Operational Experience (Field coordinator, Head of Mission…) will be consider as an asset
Fluent in English and French are mandatory.
Fluent in Spanish is a good strong asset
You have a good knowledge of the technical policies and practices related to your domain (supply, hospital management, electricity, construction…)
Management skills.
Cooperative (team work), autonomous, rigorous, responsible.
Ability to anticipate and plan, ability to analyze and synthesize information. Good communication skills.
Fixed term contract: 11 months; from February 1st 2022 to December 31st, 2022.
Position based in New York (preferred) or Paris or Bordeaux.
Please note US visa sponsorship will not be offered for this position.
If based in New York: starting salary high 80’ to mid 90’s (commensurate with experience) & excellent benefits.
If based in France: 44,9K€ per year. 22 days RWD per year. 9€ Luncheon voucher, 60% care of MSF. 100% Mutual health insurance. 50% public transportation expenses
Starting date: February 1st, 2022.
Please submit your application (cover letter and CV) online https://www.msf.fr/en/get-involved/work-with-us/all-employment-opportunities/logistic-supervisor-new-york-cell-haiti-liberia-latin-america-mw
Deadline for submission: January 11th, 2022
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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