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We have to admit that we live in a very special place. The Texas Panhandle is full of people with big hearts. I have never really had any doubt that we live with some of the best people.
I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw this one story that jumped out at me. The story itself didn't surprise me. It just reminded me that there really are good people in the world and a lot of them live right here.
Imagine this: A gentleman, Ron Campbell, who lives in Canyon recently lost his military ID. Now that is something that he uses a lot. More importantly he earned that ID. So he definitely needs it. Plus he can get in trouble for not having it. So there is that.
Now Ron searched all over for his ID. He even called around anywhere he may have lost it. His hopes was that some kind heart in Canyon would find it and turn it in somewhere. Everywhere he called was bad news. Nope his ID was nowhere to be found.
Yes, he could replace it. The problem with that is the trip he would have to take a trip to Cannon Air Force Base. Yes it was doable but a trip to New Mexico would take a two hour chunk out of his day. One way of course.
So that inevitably was going to be Ron's future. Until his wife went out to check their mail. What was in the mailbox? Someone found his Military ID. They then found a way to deliver it to them and place in his mailbox. Oh, and of course that day was windy so they placed it in securely to make sure it didn't blow away.
There was no note there was nobody to thank. Oh but Ron is very appreciative.


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