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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – The gym at Coastal Christian High School was packed on Saturday morning, but not for class or a sporting event.
Over 250 volunteers gathered to package thousands of meals for school children in Haiti.
“There’s children who are going to school but they have nothing to eat, and stayed in school all day with no food or no water,” said Hope Changes Everything Founder Renee Hunter. “That inspired us to start looking for a way to feed them because people can’t learn without proper nutrition.”
Renee Hunter is a teacher at Coastal Christian High School, and founded the organization Hope Changes Everything after an eye-opening trip to Haiti.
While she was there, she realized that most school children didn’t have the necessities like they do here.
“I am overwhelmingly grateful,” said Hunter. “I’m thankful beyond words to be a part of a school that teaches children so much more than academics, and this is a great example of that.”
There were volunteers of all ages at Saturday’s event. Each forming a team, and packaging boxes full of essential food items like rice, soy, and protein powder.
Volunteers packaged up over 88,000 boxes to send over to children in Haiti this year, in only a couple of hours.
“I think we all really appreciate the chance we get to make a change, and to be able to help so many people who are in need,” said Coastal Christian student Mary Cox. “I think it’s a really awesome thing and we all really appreciate that we can help others, especially in a Christian way.”
Those who participated hope that the meals will fill the stomachs and hearts of the school children in Haiti who need it most.
For more information and how you can contribute to Hope Changes Everything, click here.
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