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Shown here are (from left) Micah Wynn and Anthony Wynn in front of the church.

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Shown here are (from left) Micah Wynn and Anthony Wynn in front of the church.
Miracle Deliverance Tabernacle is making an effort to spread the gospel across the globe through Oasis Ministries.
Oasis Ministries is a large network of various outreach programs offered by the Riceville church, located at 245 County Road 677. It is overseen by Anthony Wynn and his wife Shelia Wynn, who are pastors of the church.
“Our main goal is to show the love of God to the lost world and let them know there is hope for them found in Jesus,” stated an e-mail sent to The Daily Post-Athenian by youth pastor Micah Wynn.
The history of Miracle Deliverance Tabernacle started with a tent revival in 1983.
“A lot of people got saved,” Anthony Wynn said. “We found this property for sale and started a church of about 12 people in about 1984.”
He noted that his father helped him pastor until around 1998.
Over the church’s history, it has slowly grown into a multi-outreach program church that caters to a variety of needs.
“One of my stories is the elder man in the Bible, Samson. He had the strength and the little lad had the vision, so I felt that God has given me strength to do things that are done and I’ve listened to younger people and got their vision,” he expressed. “I never dreamed that we would get as big as we have on Facebook or YouTube or TV ministries. I did dream and I heard other people’s vision.”
Wynn stated that the growth meant a great deal to him and the church.
“It is a great blessing, a great burden and a great responsibility, and a great honor that the Lord would allow us, out here in the woods, to evangelize,” he expressed. “It was always my dream to do more and here I am 62 years old and so thankful to the kindness of the Lord that He trusts us.”
Wynn expressed that his original passion was to help people get into heaven.
“To see the lost saved and not only to see the lost saved but for the ones who are saved to encourage them,” he stated. “My two passions are to help the lost and to heal the hurt. Every so often I’ll see a new family come here and that will become my new burden, my mission. I will say ‘Dear Jesus, I want to see them laugh again.’”
Oasis Ministries currently has several outreach initiatives, which include Oasis TV Ministries, which is aired in over 93 million homes through two nationwide stations — “The Word Network” and “Binge” — as well as airing on at least 10 other stations; and Helping Hands for Haiti, where the ministry is now feeding 600 Haitians per month twice daily through their nutrition program.
Wynn reflected on the decision to have the church become a televised service.
“I was in a little community above Knoxville, Tennessee, we went to pray for somebody who was lost and I was riding through this huge apartment complex and I’m praying and I can hear people behind the walls who were weeping, people who were drug addicts and people fighting suicide and I said, ‘Lord how can I get behind those walls and talk to them,’” Wynn recalled. “I prayed this for about a week and somebody came up to me and said ‘Have you ever prayed about starting a TV ministry’ and I said that was it. That will get me behind those walls.”
The televised program has been running for 14 years as of this date.
“We air in 47 nations and we are in all of the states now,” Wynn expressed. “We are on several hundred small stations and 21 large stations. The Lord has been kind.”
He stated that he has seen local impact from the televised ministry.
“I’ve seen homes restored, I’ve seen addictions break and I have seen so many people come to the Lord,” he said. “It is amazing what God is doing in our youth group. Drugs have destroyed so many lives so it’s great to see so many lives reaching to help others.”
The efforts Oasis Ministries has made in Haiti includes feeding 600 Haitians per month twice daily through their nutrition program, as well as building homes, a church in Haiti and an orphanage which they managed to supply “full speed” internet through Space-X and an independent energy source through creating a solar farm by raising $100,000.
“Mom said that if we are going to be true Christians then we have to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves,” Micah Wynn said. “The big thing we do in Haiti that makes the largest impact is we feed thousands of people a month on our peanut butter supplement program … It is like a Go-gurt stick but when these people’s hair starts turning red they are about to starve to death, so they partnered with this company that makes nutritionally injected peanut butter and within two days of eating this it turns their health around.”
The procedure for the distribution of the supplement program consists of two nurses who go out to the different villages and do a daily check in. From there they provide each person with two per day.
“It is a six week program, so we have to pay the nurses and a driver to go there,” both Wynns stated. “It takes a little bit of money but it has a real impact.”
Also offered through the church are the Oasis Ministries Bible Course, which currently has 400+ students, which is a course that goes through the entire Bible to provide knowledge and understanding of the word of God. This program is also available to multiple prisons to provide inmates with new hope in Jesus.
Oasis Academy is an online resource that provides a deeper understanding of certain topics within Christianity and Oasis Ministries also offers rehabilitation in the form of a recovery center for women who are facing drug addiction.
They also have many vocal and written forms of media as well, ranging from podcasts, a magazine, children’s books and mass mailouts for fundraising.
“I think we have over 50 outreach programs but in service time, we have just old fashioned worship,” Wynn noted. “We meet at 11 and they worship until about 11:30, then I preach. At that time the children are dismissed to summer school, then we meet back Sunday night.”
On Thursday nights the church hosts “Game Changers,” where some of the outreaches pertain to providing cooked food for the elderly, the sheriff’s department and more.
“We are teaching our youth to serve, so we are helping our community,” he noted. “We are letting them see the love of Jesus flowing out of people. We are teaching our youth to serve, to give.
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