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Recently the Sentinel published a story about the out of control violence in Haiti.
“Gangs strangle Haiti’s capital as violence soars” was the title of an Associated Press article published on May 23.
The story details the increasing violence occurring in Haiti, especially in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.
“Experts say the scale and duration of gang clashes, the power criminals wield and the amount of territory they control has reached levels not seen before.”
The situation seems to be totally out of hand, but the story only reports one effort to help the people of Haiti. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders is not the only agency working in Haiti.
Haitian Assets For Peace International (HAPI) is headquartered in West Michigan and has been serving the people of Mizak, Haiti, since 2007. Local healthcare, especially maternal care, emerged as the single greatest need. HAPI responded with Felisane Health Center and “Start Right” maternal care. HAPITech, the area’s first vocational center, soon followed. HAPI is launching a “Pass-the-Gift” rabbit raising youth initiative for ages 15-18 years to help them pay for their education. HAPI provides jobs for men and women at fair wages in safe working conditions.
HAPI has been described as a “beacon of light” helping people in a country pretty much forgotten by the rest of the world.
HAPI does need your engagement and help. If you would like to find out more and make a donation check out the website at haitianassets.org.
Jim Searls
HAPI Board Chairperson, Zeeland


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