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The rapper is hoping to address dehydration in the region amid gang violence.
By Marc Griffin
Staff Writer, News
Kodak Black is paying it forward and sending 350,000 bottles of water to Haiti. According to TMZ, the Florida rapper is sending over a massive supply of water to the Caribbean nation after hearing about increased gang violence. 
Black reportedly spent $50k for the water and will have it dispatched out of cargo ships from Florida. Additionally, the rapper and his team are working closely with the Haiti government to ensure water bottle delivery. Bradford Cohen, the rapper’s attorney, expressed he is calling for a ceasefire in Haiti’s rising gang violence. 

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In July 2022, the United Nations reported that Haitian gangs kidnapped locals in Port-au-Prince and took control of the Palace of Justice. The Palace serves as the city’s central court, and with it captured, it has furthered brutality and blocked access to lawful accountability. 

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According to Human Rights Watch, gangs known as “G-9 an Fanni e Alye” attacked the Nan Brooklyn neighborhood in the Cité Soleil sector of Port-au-Prince. G-9’s objective was to take control of the area from another gang by any means. On June 10, a gang called “5 Seconds” seized control of the Palace of Justice from “G-9,” which led to a standstill, as the gang has not allowed police or politicians into the neighborhood. 
Since the conflict began, about 300 people have reportedly been killed. The numbers include 21 whose bodies were apparently burned, and 16 people have also been reported missing. In addition, “5 Seconds” and “G-9” have also burned 125 residences. 
Police departments have been unable to recover control of the Palace of Justice. “5 Seconds” is currently occupying the space, patrolling and surveilling with drones, according to Human Rights Watch. 
The rapper hopes his actions can help Haitians in need during the ongoing crisis. 
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