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Just days after his arrest, Kodak Black is back with a brand new record. The rapper shared his new single, “Haitian Scarface” on Tuesday night where he addresses his recent run-in with the law and the numerous hurdles he’s faced since Trump gave him a pardon. The rapper directly addresses the police’s efforts to keep him behind bars while pushing back at the memes that circulated after his mugshot was released. “Tryna do write but the police want to embarrass me/ Another mugshot, here they go laughing at a n***a pain,” he raps on the record.
Elsewhere in the song, he addresses his use of Percocets and states that the oxycodone found in his vehicle was actually prescribed. “And I guess I’m a drug Lord, got caught with a few pills I got a prescription for,” he raps.
Check out the latest from Kodak Black below. 
Quotable Lyrics
Bitch, y’all know got shot a few months ago
Bitch, y’all know that lil’ shit was so petty, y’all could’ve let me go
All the good that I do for the hood, the charities did in Pompano
You’ll never see a thug n***a, ex-drug dealer like me again
Gravedigger, big brain-splitter, fuckin’ a cop, I’ll leave it in
Fuck me a CEO, I love my PO, she know I be tryin’ and shit
Sometimes feel like tryna quit, tell everybody to suck my dick

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