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Kidnappers threaten to kill street vendor over $200K ransom
Bandits kidnapped Magdala “Dadou” Louis, a sausage and sweets seller, near Hotel Caribe in Port-au-Prince Sunday. They threatened to kill her if her family doesn’t pay $200,000 in ransom.
The kidnappers had originally asked for a $1 million but after negotiations, they dropped the ransom to $800,000 then to $200,000. 
Louis, 33, lost her parents in the 2010 earthquake and has a son.
Residents protested in Nazon Monday to demand Louis’s kidnappers release her. Source

Advisory Board says draft constitution will be ready Feb. 26
President Jovenel Moïse will receive the new draft constitution on February 26, 2021, said Louis Naud Pierre, a member of the Independent Advisory Board (CCI) Monday.
Pierre also said that either on January 4 or January 8 the initial draft of the new constitution will be submitted to constitutional experts. Later in the second week of February, the revised constitution will be presented to various sectors around the country.
Kidnapping, a crime that is rampant in Port-au-Prince, will also be taken into account in the new constitution, said Boniface Alexandre, the CCI president. Source

Haitian becomes president of Haitian delegation of African Diaspora
Junior Moschino Remy won the presidential race of the Haitian delegation of the African Diaspora Thursday.
The first deputies to vote were from Japan and China, and the last ones from Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States, the African Diaspora wrote in a Dec. 3 press release.
“Being members of the electoral commission, we sat on December 2 and counted all the votes. We can confirm that the electoral process was open, transparent and sincere,” they added in the press release.
The headquarters of the African Diaspora is in Accompong, Jamaica. Source
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by Onz Chéry, The Haitian Times
December 8, 2020
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