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Haitian artist Jean Eddy Beauvoir exhibited several of his artwork during the celebration of Haitian and Hispanic Heritage at One Willoughby Square, 235 Duffield St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022.
New York City Council Member, Farah N. Louis, and Brooklyn Borough President, Antonio Reynoso partnered to organize Hispanic Heritage Month event which was held under the theme “Quisqueya”: A Celebration of Haitian and Dominican Heritage.
This exhibition was authentic and inspired by the influx of migration, the killing of unarmed black men and historical repertoire. “I was born a creative and my artistic talent started when I was eight years old. Visual art, pop art, and cinematography has always fascinated me at a young age,” said Beauvoir.
Beauvoir has made it his mission to pursue a path in artistic expression and sculpture and has become a successful independent Haitian artist and painter.
He is also a father, husband, and a mentor to young, up and coming talented artists in the Haitian community in Brooklyn.  After completing high school, Beauvoir attended the National School of Arts, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1992 where he studied calligraphy, visual arts, and cinematography.
In 2008, Beauvoir moved to the United States to participate in a series of invitational exhibitions in Spring Valley, New York, which was then followed by Panama and Chile later that year.

New York City Council Member for the 40th District, Rita Joseph and Assembly Member Brian A Cunningham for District 43rd attended the event..
New York City Council Member for the 40th District, Rita Joseph and Assembly Member Brian A. Cunningham for District 43rd. Orlande Fleury

Throughout his experience, he has generated astronomical success and has influenced other young Caribbean artists who are interested in becoming successful in the field.
According to Beauvoir, he was influenced by Alix Roy, who gave him drawing lessons, and Franck Louissaint, who advised him to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. Roy and Louissaint are both well-known successful Haitian visual artists. Persons interested in supporting Beauvoir can contact him at: 917- 651-9438 and [email protected]
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