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The Black Sea agreement offers a model for off-ramps to escalation.
Workers report sexual coercion and poor conditions at the Hawassa Industrial Park.
The Brothers of Italy, which descended from Mussolini’s fascist movement, is projected to win the coming election.
Divorcing recognition from the Palestinian question has unleashed Israel’s worst angels.
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1. Italy is holding a major general election on Sunday. What is the name of the far-right party led by Giorgia Meloni that currently tops the polls?
Brothers of Italy
Forza Italia
Democratic Party
FP’s Cameron Abadi and Adam Tooze preview the election in this week’s episode of their podcast, Ones and Tooze.
2. Haiti faced widespread protests this week after its government moved to raise the price of fuel. Who is the country’s unelected prime minister?
Jovenel Moïse
Ariel Henry
Claude Joseph
Joseph Lambert
3. Who gave the opening speech of the United Nations General Assembly’s General Debate on Tuesday?
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres
French President Emmanuel Macron
U.S. President Joe Biden
Bolsonaro followed a long-established tradition: Since 1955, Brazil’s president has always been the first to address the annual U.N. gathering.
4. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was the only world leader permitted to do what at this year’s U.N. General Assembly?
Send his vice president in his place
Give a prerecorded speech
Stay in the secretary-general’s suite
Watch the whole event via Zoom
The U.N. usually requires leaders to speak in person at the event. Member states voted to grant Zelensky an exemption so he could continue to guide his country’s response to Russia’s invasion. Meanwhile, the U.N. is facing a difficult moment, FP’s Robbie Gramer and Anusha Rathi write.
5. Which country reportedly mobilized troops toward Ethiopia this week?
South Sudan
6. Whom did the United States complete a prisoner swap with on Monday?
North Korea
Western Sahara separatists
The Taliban
7. What did the German government say it would nationalize on Wednesday?
The energy company Uniper
The Deutsche Bahn railway
The construction firm Hochtief
The Bayern Munich soccer team
Germany’s energy crisis plan is contradictory, Paul Hockenos writes.
8. Ecuador announced a $4.4 billion debt restructuring agreement with whom on Monday?
The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
The International Monetary Fund
9. A state funeral for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was held on Monday. A former prime minister of which country will get the same early next week?
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral is not without controversy. His assassination has brought increased scrutiny on the government, William Sposato writes.
10. While most public TV channels in the United Kingdom broadcast the queen’s funeral or related coverage, Channel 5 instead chose to show what film in that time slot?
The Madness of King George
What a Girl Wants
Bend It Like Beckham
The Emoji Movie
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Nina Goldman is a deputy copy editor at Foreign Policy.
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In her role as administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Samantha Power is often thrust into the forefront of some of the world’s biggest crises. From working to ensuShow morere that Russia honors a U.N.-brokered deal to ship grain from Ukraine to helping to figure out how to get aid to cash-strapped Sri Lanka, Power plays an important role in everyday U.S. foreign policy.  How can the world solve the ongoing food crisis? How can Ukraine win the war? How can democracy be strengthened amid an autocratic surge?  Join FP editor in chief Ravi Agrawal for a wide-ranging interview with Power. As always, FP subscribers will have an opportunity to ask questions live.  This FP Live interview has been postponed and will be rescheduled for the fall. 
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