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Dear reader:
This year, The Haitian Times is pleased to present special coverage of Haitian Heritage Month focused on how compatriots are living, surviving and thriving across the globe. Our coverage — Haitians Across Borders — aims to go beyond stories about the plethora of events taking place. We seek to give you a greater sense of our lives as Haitians in various spaces, both physical and digital. A sense driven by regular life, not so much the headlines. 
Here’s a look of what you’ll see throughout the month — including arts, sports, personal profiles, tech and “slice of life” stories you’ll only see in The Haitian Times. Each week focuses on a particular location, but you’ll see pieces from other places too at times and, of course, the news. 
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We hope you enjoy this coverage and feel as much pride seeing it as we’ve felt putting this package together for you. Despite everything we’ve been through as Haitians, historically and recently, collectively and individually, it’s heartening to see us represented in all these places and spaces. 
It travels well, our culture, no matter where we go. Let’s keep taking it far. 
Macollvie Neel
Executive Editor
New York
P.S. As always, your ideas and feedback are welcome. Please send them to submissions@haitiantimes.com for consideration.
That is a great initiative! Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.
Very excited about this series. I look forward to reading them! Thank you for all you do HT
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