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New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and while party plans will most likely be touch and go due to the latest variant, we can all celebrate making it through another challenging year. In this spirit, we have asked some of our favorite tastemakers—musicians, models, DJs, and designers (several of whom spin or otherwise celebrate New Year’s professionally in more typical years)—for their best New Year’s secrets. From how to dress up according to the ultimate French chic designer to the resolutions of the next big R&B star, here are some tips, tricks, and stories worth holding onto.
Tell us about your New Year’s plans. Whats the best way to toast the New Year (or stay in)?
If you had asked me about my NYE plans two to three years ago, it would have been safe to say I would be dressing up and going out to a club until 3 a.m. These days, with a two-year-old at home, I’m more likely to stay in or have a small gathering or theme party (still dressed up, of course!). I love to host dinner parties, so it’s only fitting that I make one happen for NYE! My NYE plans usually come together at the last minute, so I can’t say for sure what I’ll be up to this NYE besides toasting to the New Year with my family.
My New Year’s tips: Always have food in the house, champagne is a great idea (along with water … your body will thank you the next day), plan for an Uber/Lyft or public transit (no driving, let’s make it to 2022), and keep ginger tea on hand just in case you toasted a few too many times the night before.
Do you have any rituals around the New Year?
I’m Haitian and New Year’s Day is also the day Haitians celebrate their independence from French colonialism in 1804. To this day, one of the ways Haitians all over the world celebrate their freedom is by making and sharing a traditional soup made of pumpkins or squash. … We call it soup joumou! I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know how to make soup joumou myself, but I know how to get my hands on some each New Year’s Day!
What do you plan to wear?
This year, I have a black sequin jumpsuit lined up for NYE. I’ve worn it before, but I don’t mind doing a repeat for NYE. Bring on anything with sequins and super sexy … it’s a must for a New Year’s Eve night out.
Song of the moment/song of 2021? Which artists really represent the year for you?
Jay-Z’s “Young Forever.” I find this song strikes an emotional chord with me all of a sudden. So much these last two years have reminded us that life is fragile … and let’s be honest, it would be nice to live forever.

What did you learn this year, and what do you want to take into 2022?
In 2021, I really discovered a confidence in myself that wasn’t always there, which allowed me to take chances and go after what I want. I plan to bring that same energy with me in 2022!
Predictions for 2022?
I hope and pray for 2022 to be kind to everyone the world over. I hope that global health prevails and the pandemic takes a background to more positive changes. Personally, I would like 2022 to manifest a gig contract and enrollment in acting classes [laughs].
Best New Year’s memory?
This is random, but I remember in high school on New Year’s Eve, it was the first time I told my boyfriend that I loved him! Over text, of course. Ahhh first loves.
What is the best way to celebrate?
Deep conversations with my favorite people! Dreaming about our future. Probably some tears involved. Good music and strong drinks.
Do you have any New Year’s tips or secrets?
Drink water BEFORE the hangover! And don’t send that text.
What will you wear this year?
I’ll probably be in a bathing suit or sweatpants. I’ve never been a fan of glitter or dresses, and New Year’s outfits are usually both!
Song of 2021, and why?
One of my favorite songs that came out this year was “Have Mercy” by Chlöe. … Her vocal production, performance, and just the whole song is addictive.
New Year’s resolutions?
I set them a couple months ago [laughs], a little early, but my life resolutions were to stop smoking cigarettes (70 days free!), no shit talking or being around people who do, going to the gym five days a week, and building a healthier relationship with social media.
What did you learn this year, and what do you want to take into 2022?
I lost my best friend this year, which has been very hard. I learned how to grieve in a healthy way. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time with her loved ones and have built really important relationships. I learned how important some people are in my life, and I made sure to spend my time with them.
Predictions for 2022?
I predict a lot of love, a new album, and the tour of a lifetime (maybe with Dua Lipa?!).
What’s the best way to celebrate? What are your best tips for the night?
For the holidays, I traditionally stay in with my friends and family either at my place or at a friend’s house depending on the year. I adore entertaining and there’s no time more special than the holidays. When I host, I think it’s so elegant and fun to have pretty minimal settings drawing on natural tones, delicious food, and generous portions—family style—and an abundance of champagne and wine. Music is important; who doesn’t remember an intimate dance party with friends after dinner, and we always encourage everyone to make a wish for the New Year.
What will you wear this year? What’s the French way to do New Year’s dressing?
Whilst not everyone chooses to sparkle every day, the holidays is the perfect excuse for even the most dedicated minimalist to shine! My first choice would be our Kendra dress, and if you love tailoring, my advice is to go bold—I love this green option. Just pair with high-knee boots and you’re good to go!
Song of 2021, and why?
Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I love a classic like Nina Simone. There are so many good memories attached to the classics.
What did you learn this year, and what do you want to take into 2022?
With Sézane, but also with my two little girls, I am learning every single day. I learned to enjoy the small moments, and that with every problem comes a solution.
What are your New Year’s plans?
My New Year’s plans are to stay in and chill. I’m usually in Japan so all I want to do is re-create a Japanese New Year by myself, which starts with food. I’m trying to keep the Japanese tradition for me, for my heart’s sake.
What will you make?
Osechi, which is a Japanese bento, but it’s big. It’s a big bento box full of vegetables and meat. With sake with gold flakes.
Do you have any New Year’s tips?
To find clarity in your own mind and to find resolutions, to think about goals, and manifest things that you want for the next year. This is what I like to do and plan during this time, and I think it’s important.
Do you have any resolutions this year?
For 2022, I want to make my first EP, and I would like to have even more space between my thoughts and my actions.
Looking back at 2021, is there one song you’re holding onto or a track you will end the year on?
Ooh, the song I’m ending the year on is a really good one. It’s called “For You” and it’s from Kadhja Bonet. She just became a mother; her son is probably about three. She wrote this song for her son. It made me feel like ending the year, but also entering the year with a support system, which is all through myself. I’m my own support system. I can support and love myself the most, and this song motivates me that way. It is so simple, but it just makes me feel empowered.
If you’re creating a mix for the end of the year, for New Year’s, what’s the vibe? What kind of tracks are you putting in? How do you want to make people feel?
I would play a lot of the tracks that I was listening to, of course, in 2021 but that are real—a lot of indie artists. People who are just making songs in their bedrooms. Music that comes from a raw place, more than pop music. They have less production. They just feel more raw. I also like a lot of great house music that came out this year. In my mix, I would just put in both, a combination of great house techno music with indie songs.
What are you going to wear this year?
Honestly, right now, I like colors a lot, so I’m going to wear pastel-colors everything. I want to enter 2022 in a colorful rainbow state of mind.
Is there anything you want to share that you learned this year or that you want to take into 2022?
I learned that you really shouldn’t push your body’s limits. Listen to your body and the environment that you’re around as well. In 2022, I want to continue making conscious decisions for the environment.
What’s the best way to celebrate (or stay in)? Do you have a favorite cocktail to ring in the New Year?
With the recent developments regarding the new COVID strain, I think we’re all definitely going to have to play it by ear this NYE. It may be a repeat of last New Year’s—we were in lockdown, and it was actually the first time in 10 years that my husband and I got to spend it together as we’re both usually deejaying in separate cities! Taking that into account, we decided to dress up and celebrate instead of just eating takeout on the sofa. We ordered sushi from our favorite local spot, and I set the table with glitter crackers, sparklers, and napkins from Mrs. Alice, which made it feel special.
Cocktail-wise, a spicy Paloma is my drink of choice, and although I’m not the world’s best mixologist, dusting the rim of the glass with chili powder and adding a piece of sliced grapefruit goes a long way.
What do you plan to wear this year? What makes the perfect cocktail dress?
When it comes to dressing for the holidays, I’m definitely a more-is-more kind of girl. I think a great cocktail dress catches your attention with playful details while still being comfortable enough to dance around in. I made sure to offer lots of fun sparkly dress options in the new HVN collection with the goal of making festive dressing a little bit easier. I’m a sucker for sequins and crystals! I do plan on dressing up again this year even if we’re at home, and I actually designed a dress specifically for the night. I’ll be wearing the silver HVN Mini Ashley Dress with the HVN Crystal Star Earrings.
Two other strong HVN options I designed with NYE in mind are the Lindy Star Sequin Dress and the Suki Feather Dress.
Song of 2021, and why?
I was lucky enough to make custom HVN dresses for Kacey Musgraves’s new music video for “Good Wife” this year, and for that reason, I’ll always connect 2021 with her album Star-Crossed, which I had on repeat for months. (Fun fact: I also somehow managed to sneak into the video myself!) Other honorable mentions: The Lil Nas X, Jazmine Sullivan, Olivia Rodrigo, and Billie Eilish albums literally carried me through this year.
Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
I don’t usually have New Year’s resolutions, but my brother just had a baby, so this year, I’m dedicated to being the best aunt ever! Big shout-out to baby Felix!


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