Increase in Fuel Prices Ignites More Protests in Haiti – teleSUR English

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by Manish Rai
by Fernando Casado
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Previously, in Dec. 2021, Prime Minister Henry increased the prices of diesel, gasoline, and kerosene by 115 percent.
On Sunday, Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced an increase in fuel prices in the midst of a very turbulent political context due to protests that have been going on for weeks.
New Protests in Haiti Bring Thousands to Demand Ouster of PM
“We will have to adjust the price of fuel,” he said, justifying the decision as a means for citizens “to have regular fuel again at some point in the not too distant future.”
He mentioned that such an increase will make it possible to eliminate fuel subsidies, which will free up some US$426 million that can be used to finance social protection projects.
This is the second increase in prices over the last year. In Dec. 2021, his administration also increased the prices of diesel, gasoline, and kerosene by 115 percent.
Grosses manifestations de nouveau en Haïti contre la vie chère, l’insécurité, la pénurie d’essence et pour exiger la démission du Premier Ministre. Des manifestations ont lieu depuis trois semaines consécutives.

➡️ https://t.co/T36eGS1Z5y pic.twitter.com/FuO3LlVZxD
The tweet reads, “Major demonstrations again in Haiti against the high cost of living, insecurity, and fuel shortages as well as to demand the resignation of the Prime Minister. The protests have been taking place for three consecutive weeks.”
“The solution to the country’s problems does not lie in burning barricades, riots or the destruction of car windows or property,” Henry said during his message to the nation.
In this context, he assured that he will call elections this year to “allow all those who want to take charge of our country’s affairs to participate in a healthy and democratic competition.”

#Haiti will pay tribute to Jovenel Moïse one year after his assassination, which deepened the political and social crisis in the country – #JovenelMoise pic.twitter.com/rjw4mnBrf9
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