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Seventh-day Adventist officials of the Adventist University of Haiti (Université Adventiste d’Haiti [UNAH]) recently laid the first stone of one of multiple buildings that will be built on campus during the next five years. The stone-laying ceremony, which gathered church administrators, university leaders, and students, marked the beginning of the ambitious construction project, meant to replace the temporary classrooms erected after the 2010 earthquake demolished most of the structures on campus.
Sénèque Edmond, PhD, president of UNAH, said the university does not yet have the funds to accomplish the reconstruction but simply the will to do so. “We don’t have millions, but we will place in this space every gourd that is reserved for it. As the Lord blesses us, we will go forward, and it will be to the glory of His name,” said Edmond. The project of rebuilding has always been in the minds and plans of university officials, but somehow, no funds were allocated in previous budgets, especially since the earthquake struck, he explained. “Today, we choose to make it our first priority, starting with what is available for us to complete the first part within the next five years.”

Sénèque Edmond, PhD, president of UNAH, said the building of the new structures will be a priority on campus. Credit – [Photo: Ginel Alexis/UNAH]
Construction plans include building the School of Theology, Health Sciences, Engineering, Business Administration, Education, and the secondary school on campus.
Edmond applauded the initiative of a group of theology students who contacted him for authorization and a space for them to work on rebuilding the School of Theology (FATH) building. Jimmy Angrand, a student engineer studying theology, offered the plans in 2017 free of charge after his team surveyed the area. “His plan was included in the master plan for the reconstruction of the building, and this initiative was followed by students from other departments, and the start of FATH has [slowly] been progressing,” said Edmond, adding that it is an endogenous development. “I don’t believe anyone else will come and do it, so it is up to you and me.”

A student adds the name of the Health and Sciences Department on the first stone laid to represent the expansion plans. Credit – [Photo: Ginel Alexis/UNAH]
Pastor Pierre Caporal, president of the church in Haiti and chairman of UNAH, pledged the support of the church. “I am very glad to see what is happening at the university,” he said. After rebuilding the fence around the campus damaged by the earthquake and repairing some of the structures, it is time to build more permanent classrooms and new structures, he added.

An image of the School of Health and Sciences structure is displayed during the special ceremony. Credit – [Photo: Ginel Alexis/UNAH]
“With this placing of the stone, it will mean it will reach the hearts of so many young people through the holistic education emphasized to enrich their physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspect[s] of their lives,” Caporal said.
For years, the men’s and women’s dormitories were not safe for students to occupy, so many have had to live off-campus and others have had to travel through violent areas to attend the school. The dormitories finally reopened last October.

One of the classrooms at the School of Theology that was built temporarily: part of the bottom, with plywood; and the upper part, with metal grid panels and doors. Credit – [Jean Carmy Felixon/UNAH]
During the special ceremony, leaders announced the appointment of Watland Francois, PhD, as the new vice president of academic affairs. Francois replaces Christian Eugene Ekoto, PhD, who served in that position for many years.
Established in 1921, the Université Adventiste d’Haiti offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate programs in business, public health, education, engineering and new technologies, paramedical sciences, nursing, and theology, among others.

Group of students and faculty members take part in the special ceremony on campus, June 29. 2022. Credit – [Photo: Ginel Alexis/UNAH]
To learn more about initiatives and programs at the Universite Adventiste d’Haiti, go to unah.edu.ht.
ANN and Adventist.news are the official news channels of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
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