In Haiti, 19,000 people left their homes because of rampant gang violence, reveals UNICEF – Republic World

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Image: AP
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Chief of Communications in Haiti, Ndiaga Seck, informed Sputnik that Haiti is now going through a state of turmoil due to the high level of violence caused by gangs and multiple abductions. As per Sputnik, In the month of August, Haiti was struck by a severe earthquake that took the lives of over 2,000 people. The humanitarian catastrophe had been exacerbated by the earthquake, which impacted the country’s poverty, gang activity, and political upheaval, which began in July with the killing of former President Jovenel Moise. 
“Actually, in Haiti now, the humanitarian situation is chaos,” Seck stated when questioned about the current national humanitarian condition after President Jovenel Moise’s killing. Seck further revealed that even before Moise’s killing, UNICEF had noticed an increase in gang-related Violence in Haiti, particularly surrounding the areas of the capital Port-au-Prince, and which has compelled nearly 19,000 people to abandon their homes. He went on to say that 15,000 of those were women and children.  
Apart from gang-related violence, Seck stated that Haiti’s kidnappings are an important factor in the country’s chaos. According to him, UNICEF has discovered that approximately 100 women and children had been abducted between the period of January and August. The total number of abducted women and children reported this year has exceeded the number of individuals kidnapped in the year 2020, Seck added. 
Quoting Ndiaga Seck, Sputnik reported, “We are in a situation where… about 800 people have been kidnapped. Some non-governmental organizations have the (exact) figure.”
He claimed that one can be abducted from anywhere, such as on their way to school, to the hospital, to church, or even to their house.
Seck also stated that the recent earthquake has not only killed several people but has also injured roughly 12,200 others, leading to widespread property damage, such as destructing or damaging of over 130,000 residences, 1,000 schools, and 90 healthcare facilities.  
The UNICEF Chief of Communications further assured that they are assisting the administration with humanitarian supplies, particularly emergency commodities, in order to get the affected health institutions back up. He even stated, “We are trying our best to first have some temporary learning spaces set up for children to go back to school normally,” Sputnik reported. 
Furthermore, Seck stated that the current fuel shortage problem has hampered the activities of organisations providing humanitarian aid in Haiti during the crisis. 
(Image: AP)


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