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Personally, I think that anyone who is a "veteran" should be entitled to certain benefits above non-veteran citizens. The men and women who gave of themselves to protect us here at home should get extra attention when they are done with their tour of duty. The members of our armed forces are protecting us at home, we should protect them when they return home. That's my personal opinion. So when I see projects in our communities for veterans I am in full support.
I have seen this location sitting idle for some time, but now there is work and it seems to be moving forward. The sign reads "coming soon residential opportunities for Veterans." The owner of the project is Community Quest, Inc. The signage also says "Creating homes for those who have kept our home safe." I love that slogan and it reflects what I was saying earlier. Our Veterans protect our homes, let's make sure we have their backs at their homes.
The mission of Community Quest, Inc. "To positively affect the quality of life for individuals and families in New Jersey and neighboring communities by providing innovative housing, employment and supports programs."
That sounds like a good mission statement to me. I hope this project continues moving forward and we see area Veterans benefiting from the work of Community Quest.
According to the CQ website "established in 1986, Community Quest, Inc. has steadily progressed to assist more people to live and work in the community. We are committed to continually improving the quality of services and programs. Community Quest focuses on customer satisfaction."
We will try to keep you up to date on this project in Tuckerton on Route 9 in Southern Ocean County.


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