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Updated: November 6, 2022 @ 4:05 am
Dan Kirkley, right, of Hope for the Hungry, hands a water filter to a Haitian villager.

Dan Kirkley, right, of Hope for the Hungry, hands a water filter to a Haitian villager.
BELTON — Established in 1982, the local and global missions organization, Hope for the Hungry, will celebrate its 40th anniversary at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic and Convention Center in Temple.
The ministry’s primary goal is to “Share the Bread of Life with a Starving World,” and has done so through cooperative and children’s ministry and food relief divisions.
After a mission trip to Haiti, Dan Kirkley, founder and president, and his wife, Kandy, committed to help support a children’s home in Guibert, Haiti, for eight children with $200 per month. Additionally, the ministry supports trade schools and college scholarships for young adults that transition out of the children’s homes.
Decades later, the children’s home has grown to one in Guibert, Haiti, for 32 boys and one in Ferrier, Haiti, for 30 girls, both of which are still being supported by the Belton ministry.
Kirkley said he is an advocate for local and indigenous leadership, believing that everyone deserves to learn the word of God where they are, without outside interference.
“Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 ‘As you go, make disciples,’ so we really want everyone to stay true to who they are,” Kirkley said. “Haitians deserve godly Haitian leadership and so on.”
Anyone wishing to make a donation may visit EducateHaiti.org. The ministry ensures donations will provide nutritional food, clean water, safe shelter, medical care, clothing, education and more.
The ministry now serves nationally and internationally to relieve spiritual and physical poverty needs. Hope House — a local ministry by Hope for the Hungry — has a mission to help the people of Belton and beyond grow in a relationship with Jesus through fun and encouraging teachings.
“There is no difference in how we approach ministry, whether it’s local or not,” Kirkley said. “God wants us to love each other as he loves us, no matter where we are.”
Another facet the Hope for the Hungry ministry is Ark2Freedom, a non-profit initiative by the ministry to combat exploitation by educating and empowering Bell County communities. The initiative shares tips and facts on human trafficking in the U.S. The ministry also encourages parents to create a “safety contract” with their children — a way for families to acknowledge everyone is on the same page.
“We noticed that Texas had become one of the leaders in trafficking,” Kirkley said. “We wanted to do our part in preventing that as much as possible. We train and teach young adults to look out for dangerous situations.”
After four decades, Hope for the Hungry, provides spiritual, financial, and physical care for missionaries and organizations in more than 12 nations.
“It’s crazy to think it’s been so long. I don’t feel that old,” Kirkley jokes. “I always tell my friends if I have a lawn mower, please don’t buy one … Promoting the word and body of Christ is all about working together.”
Tickets and sponsorships for the annual banquet are available at www.hopeforthehungry.org.

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