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The Missionaries of Charity working in Haiti soon will receive boxes of clothing and supplies from families in Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills.
A Hinsdale Boy Scout from Troop 10 organized a collection of goods to send to Haiti for his Eagle project.
John “Jack” Moran, a senior at Hinsdale Central High School, has been a Scout since he was 6 or 7.
“My goal always was the next rank up and learning the skills to advance,” Moran said.
“I really started working on my Eagle Scout project about a year ago, when I became a Life Scout,” the rank below Eagle.
Moran had volunteered with his grandfather, Robert Lannert, at a soup kitchen in Chicago, run by Sisters from the Missionaries of Charity, an organization started by Mother Theresa to bring aid and salvation to the poor and sick.
He asked the nuns what he could do to help their work.
They told him they are always short of supplies at the compounds they operate in Haiti, Moran said.
Winds from Hurricane Irma in September damaged homes and farms in Haiti, just about a year after Hurricane Matthew devastated the island in October 2016.
The Missionaries provided Moran a list of what was needed, including fabric, bed sheets, vitamins, diapers, Pedialyte (a nutritional beverage that helps prevent dehydration in children), and clothes and shoes, especially for the children living in the orphanages in the Missionaries’ compounds.
Moran publicized his collection effort on social media, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram,
“That was the digital part,” Moran said.
His collection drive was announced at Masses at his church, St. Isaac Jogues Church in Hinsdale, and he handed out fliers to people there.
His mother set up a baby registry on Amazon.com where people could order diapers, baby wipes, antibacterial soap, Tylenol and other items and have them shipped right to the Morans’ house.
Moran also collected donations at Celebration Preschool in Clarendon Hills where he went to preschool. The families there were very generous, he said.
The Edward-Elmhurst Health system donated gowns, bandages and surgical gloves, Moran said.
The most difficult part of the project was the planning, Moran said. It’s a skill that he does not come by naturally, he said.
But troop leaders and family members helped.
“They were asking, ‘did you get this done,’ ‘did you get that done,’ ‘this will be the next step,'” he said.
A group of about 15 Scouts, relatives, students from the National Honor Society and other friends also sorted and repacked all the supplies in Union Church on a Saturday in December.
The result is more than 180 boxes of donations ready and waiting in the Morans’ living room.
The Missionaries of Charity have arranged to ship the goods to Haiti at the end of January, Moran said.
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