Hard Numbers: Danish snap vote, South Korean arms sales boom, global trade slowdown, Haitian anarchy – GZERO Media

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A mink at a Danish farm.
7: On Wednesday, Danish PM Mette Frederiksen called a snap election seven months before the end of her term, with the ruling center-left bloc tied in the polls with the center-right opposition. Frederiksen's approval has tanked recently due to her role in the government's illegal and botched attempt to cull the country's entire population of … mink.
20 billion: South Korea might export more than $20 billion worth of weapons this year, surpassing China and Germany to become the world's fourth-largest arms exporter. Over the past five years, South Korean arms sales have grown the most of any top exporting country.
1: The WTO says global trade will only grow by 1% next year due to slow Western demand and a sluggish Chinese economy. That'll ease inflation a bit but also raise the odds of a worldwide recession in 2023.


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